Class Action Maxi-Loblaws-Provigo

Pre-approval of a settlement agreement and notices

Note that a judgment (pre-approval) on application for authorization to institute class action for settlement purposes only and to authorize publication of notices to members was rendered on August 19, 2019.

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Application to authorize the bringing of a class action

Application– Maxi-Loblaws-Provigo


All natural persons having purchased at least one pack of meat “GROS Format / BIG Pack” at Maxi or Maxi & Cie, between May 9, 2017 and the date to come of the correction of the fault by the defendants

Damages (compensation) requested

CONDEMN the defendants jointly and severally to pay the members of the Class and the plaintiff the price difference between what they actually paid for their LARGE meat, and what they should have paid in accordance with the advertisement;

CONDEMN the defendants jointly and severally to pay Class Members and the plaintiff $ 50.00 per purchase per day as punitive damages


You can register even if you have purchased products from Maxi outside the relevant period.

To register to this class action