Class Actions

Active Class Actions:

Lachaine -vs- Air Transat, Air Canada, Vacances Transat and Air Canada Vacations( following the Covid-19 pandemic (March 20th 2020), consumer protection)

Jutras -vs- Air Canada and Rouge (suspension of Boeing 737 Max, consumer protection) (May 2019)

Cases Settled:

Gosselin -vs- Loblaw inc. (Maxi – Provigo) et al. (consumer protection)

Ouimet -vs- Ville de Longueuil (contaminated water, extra-contractual liability, environment)

Comité Anti-pollution des avions – Longueuil (CAPA-L) -vs- NAV Canada et al. (environment, noise, airport)

What is a Class Action

A class action is a court case where one person (the representative) makes a request to the court on behalf of everyone who had the same problem.  They are called “members” of the class.

Suggest a Class Action

Do you want to suggest a class action? Please Contact Me Francis Thibault-Ménard at

If you believe you are potentially the object of reprisals in the event of a denunciation, you can contact us anonymously by Canada Post without registering a return address.


Registry of class actions (Superior Court of Québec)

Class Action Database (Canadian Bar Association)